• Who’s Bailing out Whom?
  • Economic justice advocate Meizhu Lui explains how the global economic crisis is impacting women in the US.
  • Asserting Worth
  • Social economist Naila Kabeer talks about the relationship between social justice and economic growth.
  • Land Rights for Women
  • Ugandan researcher Peace Musiimenta discusses why women need to own land more than ever before.
  • Rigging in Pakistan’s Elections
  • Journalist Fatima Bhutto unpacks Benazir Bhutto’s legacy and challenges to women’s political participation in Pakistan.
  • Living Between Worlds
  • Hadil El-Khouly, Egyptian women’s rights activist, explores the complexities of being a devout Muslim and a Feminist.
  • The Cost of Care
  • Feminist economist Nancy Folbre explains why putting a price tag on care will make the economy work better.
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